Our franchise concept is for those of you who already have, are about to make or just have a unique sales experience and want to create your own call center.

We support both large Scandinavian centers and small start-ups as well as sales houses that want to grow including an increased number of customers and support.

We have designed our concept so that it is plug n play and the only thing you will need is an office, computers and agents to make calls.

We provide customers, systems, leads, support and the necessary training that will make the campaign perform.

We will offer access to a large range of customers including data which will increase your earnings by only focusing on what you are good at, just sales.

We do this

  • Provide complete plug n play solution
  • Come with all support and data, including leads
  • Provide fast and stable payment

So you can do this

  • Focus on your business
  • Choose exactly the customers that are right for you
  • Get rid of back office work


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within a few minutes. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

Feel free to contact us through the contact form if you have any questions regarding our franchise concept.

You can get started quickly and easily. However, we always have a conversation and put together a plan to set up your campaign correctly.

Together we must find the right customer type and flow for the collaboration, to ensure that you will achieve the best possible success, and also to make sure that the work with our quality department is created so you can get the most out of the campaign.

SalesGroup always provide data and leads for your campaign. We make sure to find the right mix and flow in order to make your campaign run properly and to make your agents as effective as possible.

We provide statistics and data on performance and work together to optimize your campaign daily.

All campaigns run in fixed payment flow, which means that you always receive payments on fixed dates.
We also have the opportunity to link you to our billing service so you will get your money even faster.

At SalesGroup we work with customers all over Scandinavia, which means that we can give all our franchisees a unique opportunity to work with just the type of customer that suits your business best.

Whether it is B2C or B2B – telephony, power, meeting booking or similar, we offer the right setup of customers that fits you. You also have the opportunity to run campaigns at several different companies so you can differentiate in the knowledge and skills of your agents.

We always make sure that you will get a thorough review of all projects and tasks through us.

We provide a complete training to make sure that your agents are fully up to date on knowledge of the task.
We also continuously train your agents through collaboration to always make sure, that they deliver perfect results.

Our support department is always ready to provide assistance in understanding your data and performance through statistics and sparring.
Here, too, we collaborate to always ensure the quality of work.

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