At SalesGroup we can tailor make a sales campaign to fit your needs exactly. We can do both telemarketing, field marketing, as well as online campaigns.
We specialize in generating and optimizing data and leads and can therefore handle the campaign whether you as a customer yourself come with leads or we have to deliver these ourselves.

Our size as one of Europe’s largest networks allows you as a customer to get more eyes, as well as more knowledge about your campaign. We can also handle all volumes and deliver at a competitive price in our locations around the world.

In 2019, we created over 1,000 customers daily on various Scandinavian campaigns and end up with over 250,000 customer sign ups annually.

Our skilled quality department takes care of both your campaign and customers on a daily basis, so they stay onboard as you wish.

If you want to hear about SalesGroup’s unique customer setup, feel free to contact us


  • Volume
  • Data and leads
  • Quality
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