About SalesGroup

We are a sales agency located in Spain, Thailand and Denmark.
We’ve our passion in sales and creating the future for our employees.

Modern sales company

We attach great importance to taking on the role of your company’s professional and absolutely competent ambassador, not only to ensure but to increase customer loyalty and pave the way for a committed customer. We therefore always strive to function as an integral part of our customers Business, as well as contribute with a high level of service and knowledge sharing.

Quality, professionalism and authenticity

Each task is carefully planned based on a strictly controlled Call Flow and a well-described process plan. Our detail-oriented approach, as well as the use of flexible tools, ensure the best possible workflow for both our customers and our employees.

Product, customer type and needs

Our salespeople manage to build relationships based on each product, customer type and needs. Quality is our best friend to show our customers that we are always ready to follow our customers’ customers safely and safely through any purchase agreement.

We always aim to create something unique

We are never pleased to be number two or deliver mediocre. Therefore, we often run a little longer on the liter.We are a well-structured energy boo, and always ready to draw the heaviest read first over the finish line.


Passion leads to performance, performance leads to sales, sales leads to success!

SalesGroup – Professional Sales Agency

Our Working Process

We always aim to be the best sales partner a client has ever worked with. That's why we never compromise with any task that on out table. We want to be the best.


We think of every possible solution to find the best fit for the client 


We make sure that our solution is clearly communicated to the team.

Go live

We sell the product to the end customer – and we aim to best at it.


Calls made 


Clients Worked With


Completed Projects





Telemarketing is an effective tool for new sales, maintenance and sales of current customers.


Canvas is the hardest thing, as the introduction is definitive decisive for a good and constructive dialogue.


Retention is a core value in any business. Contact us and see what we can help you with. 


We always make sure to find the right mix of leads, so we always have the highest possible hit rate.


Drømmer du om job i udlandet?

Drømmer du om job i udlandet. Er du til en pulserende storby som Barcelona, eller er du til de hvide sandstrande i Malaga, så har vi jobbet der måske passer til dig. Klik dig ind på vores destinationer, Barcelona, Malaga og København, og læs meget mere om dine muligheder hos os.


Some Fun Facts

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more sales, more passion and at least some more calls. As a result we deliver a better experience.


Calls made


 Clients Worked With


 Completed Projects


Different locations


Our Awesome Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

We love our employees!

Our staff are our most important resource as they represent our customers on a daily basis. Without motivating, monitoring and meeting their employees, they have no earthly chance to represent our customers as best as possible. We know that the industry’s many prejudices include high employee churn, a young average age, gun sellers and mediocre skills. That’s why we also know that by separating ourselves, like the best, we need to focus on each specific employee’s specific development and make sure we get the best out of everyone. Not only do we have good location and a lucrative commissioning model, but also concrete vocational education, present leadership and a campaign setup that ensures the best possible successes on the phone.

Performing more than 100 dialogues daily is hard-working and is a performance in itself that must not be overlooked. Doing it month after month while meeting an even high sales budget can get the biggest talents to break their neck before they really get folded out. Therefore, every single success experience on the phone with a customer is a much greater satisfaction than anything else. We recognize that more than anything else and we are therefore doing everything we can to ensure that every customer consultant is proud and confident of honestly reassuring SalesGroup’s collaborators.



Our employees is the cornerstone of the company – we wouldn’t be where we are without them 

SalesGroup – Professional Sales Agency

Contact information


Njalsgade 21G, 2300 København S


On the map below you can see where you can locate our offices - stop by if you are in the area!